LinkedIn’s New Focused Inbox Surfaces More Relevant Messages

LinkedIn's New Focused Inbox Surfaces More Relevant Messages

LinkedIn rolls out Focused Inbox, which helps users find and respond to important messages.

Connecting On LinkedIn – COLD MESSAGING that actually WORKS!

Connecting on linkedin – Cold messaging that actually works! // Don’t you wish you had a process to help you cold message on linkedin effectively? Well in this video, I am going to show you how to use linkedin to do effective linkedin outreach. Essentially this is b2b lead generation on linkedin if you play your cards right.

I also share with you a couple of bonus tips to do with LinkedIn messaging that will make the process even more potent and powerful as well as easier for you!

LinkedIn messages are known for being salesy and downright spammy but if you are wanting to learn how to use linkedin to build your network or you want to know how to use linkedin to network in general, then you need to learn how to effectively message others.

Linkedin networking isn’t actually hard, it just requires patience. So let me share with you some linkedin networking best practices in order to deepen your network using linkedin. Add this video to your arsenal of linkedin networking tips and become known as someone who is effective at using networking on linkedin.

Using Linkedin for business networking and using linkedin for professional networking will never be the same!

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How to disable FOCUSED inbox within Outlook

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7 Ideas to Make GREAT LinkedIn Posts

Make GREAT LinkedIn Posts – The best way to stay top of mind but also to get contacted by others with job offers and business proposals is to share posts.

LinkedIn is a networking platform, but it’s also a content platform. People are browsing LinkedIn to consume business content and seek new opportunities.

Here are 8 ideas that will help you create great posts.

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Outlook Focused Inbox and New Meeting Feature to view all attendees responses by Chris Menard

Outlook 2016 has two new features. One is called the Focused inbox, and the other feature is a new feature for a meeting request. Your attendees can now see other attendees responses. They can see if they accepted or declined or have not responded to the meeting.

The focused inbox by takes your important emails and put them under the focus tabbed and all the other emails under the other tab. You can move an email from other to focus by just right clicking on the email.

Also shown in this video is how to figure out what version of Office 365 you’re running and view what Office 365 updates will work on your version.

To turn on the focused inbox click the view tab in Outlook 2016, and select focused inbox.

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