How to Create a Holiday Content Strategy

How to Create a Holiday Content Strategy

Want to get a head start and create a content “advent” calendar of your own? Here’s how to plan out all of your holiday marketing content

MrBeast GENIUS Content Strategy

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After watching more than 27 hours of Mr Beast interviews here are the 8 biggest takeaways I learned that you can use to create better content.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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Create A Holiday Marketing Strategy In 5 Simple Steps

If you’re like everyone else, 2020 will have felt like the longest year ever. Until I tell you the holiday season is a mere THREE months away. And then suddenly it feels like time has flown. Even if gift giving and festive season promotions are the last thing on your mind right now, customers are desperate to feel joy. And giving thoughtful, unique gifts is one of the most powerful ways you can do that. Now more than ever savvy retailers need to embrace their points of difference and work to promote the solutions they have for their customers in the lead up to what might just be the most unusual holiday period ever. In this episode of Bringing Business To Retail I’m sharing FIVE easy steps to developing a Christmas marketing strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd. After the episode join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram. To access more great business building strategies head over and join me in The Retail Breakthrough Series.

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How to create a content strategy for ANY brand

Today I’m sharing my formula for how to build a content strategy for any brand! Whether you’re looking to build up your own personal/freelance brand, or you’re consulting with a client who needs some help, this episode will provide you with a solid roadmap so you can get started right away!

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02:37 Distribution Channels
04:08 Topic Ideas
06:46 Audience Research
08:47 Tactics
10:30 Question of the day

Content Strategy Tutorial – 5-Step Process to Create a Winning Website Content Strategy

Check out our Content Strategy tutorial to learn a simple process for developing a content creation process for your website. One of the largest aspects of your Content Marketing strategy is content creation, and this video will give you some quick ideas to help you grow your audience as you create new content. With so many websites, YouTube channels, marketers, bloggers, artists, and writers creating content, you need a creation and distribution strategy that helps you stay updated, rank high in Google, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately increase your revenue with the use of content.

Content Strategy is the process of developing a strategy for the content you will be creating, where you will be publishing it, and how you will be marketing it to your audience. There are thousands of ways to approach your overall marketing strategy and Digital Marketing strategy, but the main goal should be growing your audience and creating content that solves the problems your customers are experiencing. Whether you have a Marketing blog or a blog about Pool care, you should focus on finding the main pressure points and issues that your customers are facing. One of the best ways to do this is with Keyword Research.

Helpful Videos:

11 Easy And Free Ways to Find Content Ideas for Your Business: &t=485s

Best Free Keyword Research Tools 2019:

5-Step Process For Creating a Content Strategy:

1. Start With Your Main Topic

There should be a topic you are trying to cover on your website or for your business. You want to start with a major topic and slowly break it down with different pieces of content.

2. Find The Top Keywords For Your Topic

3. Create Content Ideas for The Top Keywords

4. Choose the Types of Content You Will Create

5. Choose Projected Dates & Marketing for Content

Whether you are looking for a content strategy framework for the web, a website content strategy, or you just need to find new ideas to create content for your business, this is the video for you. It will go over a simple process with examples to answer some common questions like: What is content strategy and why do you need it? The main reason you need a content strategy is because it takes a lot of blog articles, videos, graphics, presentations, eBooks, and more to grow the audience you desire.

What does content strategy include?

The content you will be creating, why you are creating that content, the keywords you will be targeting, dates when you plan to publish your content, the types of content you will be creating, and some areas where you can market your content to people who will be interested in it.

How do you create a content strategy?

You start with the topics you want to cover, the issues you want to solve, and the people you want to reach. From there, you want to find some content ideas based on the top keywords around the subjects you will be covering. Lastly, you should put together a content calendar that you can follow to get the most out of your time and resources.