27 Must Ask Questions for New SEO Clients

27 Must Ask Questions for New SEO Clients

Ask these 27 questions to help ensure you have a smooth onboarding process and are set up to improve ROI and meet their business objectives.

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[00:00:00] – Intro
[00:01:19] – Explaining my Bounty System For Charging Clients
[00:01:53] – Setting up and Filling Out the Audit Intake Forms
[00:03:51] – Ask Questions from the Prospects/Clients
[00:04:53] – Do a Tracking Set Up
[00:08:42] – Why it’s Better To Do the Bounty System VS Recurring Charges
[00:10:59] – Access and Using Shine Ranker
[00:12:07] – Run the Website Name using Shine Ranker
[00:13:01] – Focus on the High Priority Tasks on the Checklist
[00:13:34] – Let the Site Marinate for 7 Days
[00:13:51] – Set up Call To Action
[00:18:44] – Go to Traffic Checker on Shine Ranker
[00:22:07] – Map the Keyword for the Home Page
[00:28:44] – Edit using Divi Builder
[00:40:10] – Go Through the Other Pages
[00:52:07] – Outro

Twelve Tips for Writing Engaging Content (And Keep Your Reader’s Attention!)

Twelve Tips for Writing Engaging Content (And Keep Your Reader’s Attention!)
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New Client Questionnaire Template for SEO Agencies

Are you busy creating your SEO Client Questionnaire? Do you have a foolproof SEO Client QuestionnaireTemplate you can use?

Having an SEO Client QuestionnaireTemplate will make your digital agency more efficient and help you onboard new clients much easier. Plus, it’s the professional way to scale your business.

As a digital agency, you need to make the process:

– Easy
– Fast
– Comprehensive
– Intuitive and
– Useful

Did you know that your SEO Client Questionnaire is the perfect place to find out client history, present situation, and what their SEO goals for the future are – without disrupting the onboarding process?

In this video, Waseem Ansari, Project Manager at Globital, will share what you should include in your SEO Client Questionnaire Template so that you are prepared every time.

Remember, when you show your clients the value of detailed and comprehensive information and how it relates to the successful results of their SEO, they will be more willing to cooperate and provide you with the insights you need.

Get started right now and discover:

– Which general information to ask for:
– How to discern business nature?
– How to align with your client goals and vision?
– What their SEO journey should look like?
– Which details are never to forget?

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My INSANE Strategy To Get Easy SEO Clients (POWERFUL)

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If you’re anything like me you’ve had a time where you could not make enough money due to low client demand.

– You tried cold calling
– You tried content
– Social media
– Ads
– Low prices
– SEO audits
– DM’s

But the only one that seemed to notice were the crickets in the background.

Infact, I had to live off of rice and coffee for a while just so I could afford rent in a garage without windows while working my butt off for $300 per month clients.

THAT STRUGGLE ENDS TODAY, because I will show you how to get high paying clients consistently with an EASY step by step method.

But before I do that, I want you to answer a riddle for me, whoever answers first correctly will win $1,000 in SEO prizes from me.

Here it is: when it comes to CTR, what format should you use based off some of my previous videos?

OK, time to talk about getting clients.

– Short term:

1. Learn the free SEO audit here: https://chasereiner.com/seo-audit-checklist-template/
2. Learn OBS
3. Contact people that are lacking something
-Social media no posts
-GMB with no optimization
-No reviews
-Bad site speed

4. Contact, then offer full audit
5. Offer micro service
6. Upsell

– Long term:
1. Opt in
2. Content
3. Offer audit
4. Sell micro service
5. Upsell

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