10 Advanced SEO Skills To Level Up Your Career

10 Advanced SEO Skills To Level Up Your Career

Want to go deeper in your specialization, open new doors and enhance your value as an SEO professional? Check out 10 skills that could help.

��10 ADVANCED SEO Tips To Get More Traffic TODAY!

Today we’re gearing up to drop another Podcast based on pure action you can take TODAY to increase your traffic.

Mark and Gael discuss their favorite tactics, covering everything from link building to silos, these out of the box tactics can help you no matter where your current site is and gain extra traffic, in some cases, overnight!

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6 Advanced SEO Techniques To Use In 2023 | Neil Patel

Today I’m going to share with you 7 advanced SEO techniques for your business. These SEO tactics should be used in 2023. This type of SEO strategy goes beyond what most digital marketing focuses on and we’ll be covering things beyond link building.

Are you finding that you’re not getting any results with SEO? That’s because you’re using a lot of tactics that everyone else is already using. Let me share with you seven advanced SEO techniques that will help you grow your business.


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The first advanced tactic I have for you is get to know your users. Everyone thinks that SEO is just about on page or link building. But here’s the thing, Google wants to rank what’s best for the users, first, second, third, fourth, and all the way down the list. The way you get to know what’s best for your users is you survey them. By using tools like SurveyMonkey and Hotjar you can find out what your users love and what they don’t. By adapting your content, your services, your product you’re much more likely to get that traffic from Google because you’re creating the best user experience.

The second tip I have for you is leverage schema markup. You know all those reviews and star ratings that you see when you’re doing a search? That’s called schema markup. If you’re using WordPress, you can just check out the Yoast SEO plugin. It’ll allow you to do schema markup with just a few simple clicks. It’s worth checking out, makes it easy. And that way you don’t have to learn a single thing about coding.

The third advanced tactic that I want you to try out is expand your most popular pages. See, content marketing is a big hit or miss game. You create a lot of webpages, a lot of content pages. Some get a ton of traffic, and others don’t. And you may be asking yourself why. The links, I did all the best packs to all of my pages. But why are some doing better than others? Well, a lot of times you just won’t have the answer. But what you can do, is you take your most popular pages and expand them.

The fourth tip I have for you is to send link juice to lower ranked pages. As I mentioned with the previous step, you have some pages that naturally do well, and some that don’t do as well. Well, the ones that don’t, go to all of your other pages that are doing well and internal link to the ones that aren’t. And see if that helps boost them up. What you’ll find is over time, those pages that aren’t ranking that well will start climbing higher and higher again.

Then I want you leverage infographics. You’re probably already saying, Neil, I’ve seen infographics, everyone has them. But no, I don’t want you to just leverage any infographics. I want you to leverage advanced animated infographics. Have you ever seen the infographics on how a car engine works, or how fast do cheetahs run? They’re animated by integrating gifs within your infographic they’re much more likely to go viral. And you’re gonna get way more back links.

Then I want you to leverage roundup post. The reason roundup posts are really good, and no one does this. I don’t know why. They used to be more popular three or four years ago, but they still work. Let’s say you’re writing an article on 101 SEO tips, or 31 SEO tips from 31 experts. By emailing all of these experts and getting them to participate, they’re not only likely to share your article on the social web, but they’re also likely to link back to that article and help promote it.

The last strategy I have for you is prune and crop. I know this one’s going to seem really hard. When you have an old site and you’ve been writing content for ages, there’s a lot of pages that just won’t do well even when you do the internal links and you send link juice to those low ranking.

00:00 – Introduction
00:52 Tip 1 – You Need to get to know your users
02:08 Tip 2 – Leverage Schema MarkUp
02:31 Tip 3 – Expand your most popular pages
03:37 Tip 4 – Boost the pages that aren’t doing well
03:59 Tip 5 – Leverage Infographics
04:47 Tip 6 – Leverage Roundup Post

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The Top 12 Advanced SEO Tips Everyone Should Know

In this video, you’ll hear some of the following:
No matter what online platform you’re using, search engine optimization (SEO) is a must. Relevant keywords, quality content, and social media marketing are all important aspects of running a successful online business. If you want your blog to stand out from the competition and to really rake in the dough, follow these 12 advanced SEO strategies.
Follow These 12 SEO Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
There’s no point in having a blog for your business or website if no one sees it. Search engine optimization is just as important for a blog as it is for any other website, so you’ll want to take your time planning a detailed SEO strategy.
As you start planning your blog, keep these 12 advanced SEO strategies in mind:
1. Start with Strong Keyword Research
2. Take Advantage of Long-Tail Keywords
3. Perform SERP Research for Every Post
4. Optimize All Images for SEO
5. Make Use of Internal Links to Existing Posts
6. Update Existing Content to Keep It Current
7. Write Guest Posts and Obtain Backlinks
8. Collaborate with Influencers
9. Experiment with Different Formats
10. Consider Creating a Mobile App
11. Perform Competitor Research for Keywords
12. Complete an SEO Audit
Now that you’ve learned about the top 12 advanced SEO tips to drive traffic to your blog, all that is left is for you to implement them. Good luck!
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10 Advance SEO Skills To Level Up Your Career. #seo #shorts

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