Help plant 500,000 trees

• A tree is a gift in so many ways; absorbing carbon dioxide, retaining soil, providing shade, being beautiful. The world needs more trees.

• Where do you see a need for trees? Where could you plant them? In your neighbourhood, at your congregation or around the world? The ELCIC encourages our members to find diverse ways to gift the world with trees.

• Plant trees around your church, community, home, Canada or consider supporting one of the following two opportunities to help reach the goal:

• Plant an Olive Tree at the Environmental Education Centre in Palestine ($12 per tree which includes students participating in the tree planting process).

• Canadian Lutheran World Relief (thru the Lutheran World Federation) will be planting a total of 150,000 tree seedlings in the two planting seasons (2015, 2016) in Ethiopia. ($50 provides for a grove of 50 trees.)

• Planting trees is a tangible expression that creation is not for sale

Give $500,000 to The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Endowment Fund

• The goal of the Endowment Fund is to ensure that we continue the good work that The Lutheran World Federation has been doing since its founding in 1947. The Fund's capital is kept in perpetuity with annual earnings going to designated LWF ministries and projects.

• The Fund helps ensure that the witness and ministry of the LWF is sustained and expanded for future generations. The Projects include:

• Advocacy for peace with justice

• Community development

• Ecumenical and interfaith relations

• Holistic mission

• Human rights

• Humanitarian assistance

• Theology

• Supporting the LWF Endowment Fund is a tangible way of joining with Lutherans around the world to share the good news that salvation is not for sale.


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