Between 1960 and 1970 a German language congregation, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, worshipped in the former facilities of Zion Church on John Street. When financial difficulties forced St. Mark's to disband in 1970, large numbers of members joined Zion. To this day Zion provides Christmas Eve worship services also in German.

The dedication service at Zion's present site was Sunday, September 7, 1958. An educational wing was added in 1964.

You enter the church by way of a grey-oak paneled narthex. Three doorways open into the spacious nave and sanctuary. The arches of the A-frame ceiling soar 40 feet into the air. Looking upward, you will see a large cross suspended high above the freestanding altar and its circular altar rail. The arms of the cross extend in all directions, recalling Christ's words to carry the Gospel to all the nations of the earth. The circular rings around the cross speak of God's eternal love for humankind in Christ Jesus.