Cooperation Between Islamic Relief Worldwide and The Lutheran World Federation
Islamic Relief Worldwide and the Lutheran World Federation forged an official cooperation agreement in August 2014, creating a strong alliance between global Islamic and Christian humanitarian organizations. They have worked together in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, an awareness project in Jordan, and shelter needs in remote areas of Nepal following the earthquakes in April 2015.

Islamic Relief Worldwide
is guided by values and teachings of the Qur'an and Prophetic example (Sunnah), which recognizes that people with wealth have a duty to those who are less fortunate. IRW is a values-led organization, inspired by sincerity (Ikhlas), excellence (Ihsan), compassion (Rahma), social justice (Adl) and custodianship (Amana).

The Lutheran World Federation
is a global communion of 145 churches in the Lutheran tradition, representing more than 762 million Christians in 98 countries. It works for a just, peaceful and reconciled world. The LWF's core values are dignity and justice, compassion and commitment, respect for diversity, inclusion and participation, transparency and accountability. For more see

Anglican-Lutheran Study Materials
Study materials on the main Reformation 2017 theme "Liberated by God's Grace" will be published in 2016.

Women in Church and Society (WICAS)
The regional network has embarked on a process of telling the stories of women, who either played an important role at the time of the Reformation, were or still are leaders in churches/communities, or pursued a career in academia or research. Special attention will be paid to the 'forgotten' women who played an important role in their churches and/or communities.