Contact the Church Office for:


(705 253 8703)


* Prayers and spiritual support

* Home Communion requests

* Home or Hospital visit requests

* Booking church facilities

* To be included on the church mailing list (email, newletters)

* To have information included in the church weekly bullletin or newsletter

* To arracnge confirmation, weddings, funerals, baptism or membership inquiries

* To make financial donations, get offering envelopes or to go on the PAR Program


Quote from Martin Luther -
"When we try to dictate to God the time, place, and manner
for Him to act, we are testing Him".


Quote Henri Nouwen -
"In prayer we create a space in which God can act".


Quote from Eugene H. Peterson -
"Showing up at church once a week and saying a hearty AMEN
is a lot easier than engaging in a life of daily prayer".


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