HOLY COMMUNION       This is a Sacrament

All who are baptized in the name of the Triune God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are welcome to receive Holy Communion in our congregation, including persons of other traditions

At Zion, we use the continuous method of Communion. You may kneel or stand when receiving the elements. You may receive the sacrament of the blood of Christ by drinking from the common cup, or taking an individual cup from the tray before the altar, or by intinction (dipping bread into the common cup). At each side of the aisle at the front of the church are trays where you can place your empty cup.

Non-communing individuals are invited to come forward to receive a blessing. By crossing your arms over your chest area, we recognize that you have come to the altar for a blessing only..

For those who are unable to come to the rail that wish to Commune in their seats, Communion Assistants will take the bread and wine around the sanctuary aisles. Lift up your hand as they come closer to where you are seated. .

Communion for the Sick or Homebound

Connect with the Church Office (705-253-8703) or Pastor Brad (705-949-9156) to make arrangements for this. .

This Ministry allows the sick, the elderly in nursing homes, and the shut-ins in the comfort of their own homes to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion as well as having a short visit. .





It is to be noted that the hospital does not inform churches of their members in the hospital due to privacy issues. Family or friends must update the Pastor or the Church Office.